Just like Al-Balsan provides their customers with high-quality ACs to assure them a convenient inner environment within the comfort of their homes and offices, they have also been keen on implementing the best practices to ensure the safety of the planet’s outer environment.

Iraq has been named the fifth most vulnerable country to climate breakdown, affected by soaring temperatures, insufficient and diminishing rainfall, as well as intensified droughts and water scarcity and frequent sand/dust storms and flooding. The overall situation in the country when it comes to climate change, preparing and addressing the risks associated with climate-induced migration requires urgent and coordinated action, thus setting out key issues that can be concluded by offering recommendations for strategic engagement over the next 12 months.

Therefore, Balsan has taken its corporate responsibility towards environment sustainability to the next level, through continuing to produce and maintain energy efficient products that not just take from the environment, but also give back to it, as in to benefit it just the way it benefits us.

The brand’s mission to be part of the fight against climate change comes with an emerging vision of becoming a 100% environmental-friendly brand by working to make all our future products energy-saving.

In order to surpass the state of being a local and regional leader in the business of ACs, home appliances, etc., and to continue to grow and withstand under challenging conditions, Balsan is striving to achieve this by setting specific goals while maximizing positive environmental impact and embracing an inclusive strategic direction.

Amongst the many features of Balsan and Tosot AC devices provide, is the control of their capacity and the power used to make them operate, thus this saves on the energy production that causes harm to the environment, and therefore contribute to the sustainability of the environment, as well as through all business activities, including further present and/or future products and services.